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I have put information here so that everyone can access it if they are curious, as well as to help me plan and organize DM related activities.

Basic History of this campaign:

The party was formed in the small village of Hap, in Battledale. Hap is a rural village of just under 500 souls that is located south of Essembra and just off Rauthauvyr’s Road. Its sole landmark of note is the nearby Haptooth hill, upon which sits an ancient Wizard tower that only a few years ago was occupied by a Red Wizard named Dracandos.

A few weeks before Shieldmeet, a Red Wizard named Vesgerin ventured into the Tower, and didn’t return. Strange lights and sounds prompted an interest to explore the tower and find out what happened to the Wizard. A foolish visitor from Cormyr went in and never returned. The party, which started with five members, was formed initially to explore the tower and discover what was happening there. The different members of the party each had their own reason to join.

Assaria had been sent to the town of Hap to discover what she could about Dracandos’s Tower by her mentor, the Moon Elf Wizard Entressi.

Brianna headed to Hap in the hope that the rumors of strange events presaged an opportunity for her to engage in combat, so that she might prove herself as well as venerate her god, Tempus.

Eric and Darathian arrived in the Dales several weeks before as part of an official expedition by the Church of Torm. They had been ordered to travel the Dales and assist the Dalesfolk. They happened to be in Hap when everything was going on. Both saw a chance to demonstrate themselves as well as do good.

Balthazor was the eldest son of the town’s tanner. His father, a skilled thief before he settled down, had taught Balthazor much about the skills a rogue needed. Balthazor sensed an opportunity to put all those skills to use when the party started to organize, and tagged along.

The party ventured into the Tower, discovering a great deal, much of it disturbing. Along the way they were joined by Tabla, an elf scout from Cormanthor who was drawn by reports of Drow. In the process of their adventure they slew many spiders, created a ceasefire with some Kobolds, were nearly robbed at night in the inn, eradicated many undead, defeated the Drow in the tunnels below, and in the end discovered the Red Wizard only to see him dragged through a portal by a demon.

Thereafter, they returned to town, helped deal with some thieves, and headed to Battledale’s capital, Essembra.

From there the party fought bandits, the Cult of the Dragon, green whelps, and got themselves captured by the Cult. After a narrow escape, they emerged heroes, and left for Mistledale.


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