While we're at it...
The party explores the ancient elven ruins

After defeating the Troll Scout and his minions, the party decides to explore the ancient elven ruins in the hopes of discovering something of valuable. Three possible locations present themselves: the bottom of a nearby well, a small building with stairs leading down, and a hidden door underneath an ancient statue.

The party explores the well first, finding and fighting a pair of cloakers lurking down there. Some careful searching yields a few valuables on the bodies of those who had ventured into the well in the past, and not survived.

They then opened the secret door underneath the statue. Going down the stairs revealed, they found themselves in what turned out to be an old elven tomb dedicated to an elven hero of old. Exploring further, they made their way past a fairly large pit, and into a large chamber that was still in excellent condition. Looking about, they triggered a trap of sorts, which revealed two large Iron Guardians, set to protect the tomb from thieves. The party fought one of them, and used a control crystal to control the other guardian to fight against its brother. Emerging victorious, they then paid their respects to the elven hero, who’s spirit appeared and thanked them for showing respect after all these years. Leaving several objects of value as offerings, they received as a reward a Wyrmslayer Blade, an ancient elven weapon crafted for the purpose of fighting and killing dragons. As they left, the spirit asked a favor of them: to sanctify a nearby Mausoleum, which had been defiled several centuries ago. The party agreed to the task, and went their next.

In the Mausoleum they fought numerous undead. The first chamber contained a number of skeleton, equipped for melee and ranged combat, along with several Direguards. The skeletons, upon being destroyed, would shortly after rise anew from several piles of bones scattered about in the room, aided by an unholy basin filled with blood. At first believing that the destruction of the Direguards would be sufficient, the party eventually realized that destroying the basin was the only way to stop the flow of the undead. A vial of holy water and a blast of positive energy was enough to destabilize it, and once it was destroyed the remain skeletons were stripped of their unlife, and crumbled to the ground. The second chamber contained only four undead, although all were more powerful than the skeletons that preceded them. A ghast, wight, vampire spawn and mummy all opposed the party, who managed to destroy them fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the beguiler and rogue all were infected with disease during the fight, and it took time to remove the the infections. Once this was achieved, the party took the time, a full day and more, to cleanse the site of numerous unhallow spells that had been cast in the past by a foul cleric of Bane. This same cleric had been the one responsible for desecrating this place long before, though he paid the price for his villainy.

Returning the spirit of the elven hero, they received their reward. The party then elected to return to the town of Highmoon to recover and rest.

Two Fingers Down
The Storm King loses two key lieutenants

The Party, having elected to go after Udarg the Enforcer, made their way into the hills south of Deepingdale. Encountering a patrol of orcs, they ambushed them, then tracked them back to a camp. At the camp they spotted an impressive looking Ogre disciplining Orc troops. Believing, correctly, that this was their foe, they devised a plan to defeat the much larger force, which consisted of Udarg, two Ogre bodyguards of his, and almost a dozen orcs at the camp. Some careful planning later, they attacked, opening up with a fireball from Assaria that considerably thinned the enemy numbers. Left to fight only a pair or archers on patrol, along with the Orc sergeant and Udarg, the party quickly made short work of them. Collecting proof of their deed to collect bounties, they proceeded to the forest of Cormanthor, to go after Izjak.

The party headed north, eventually making their way to the abandoned elven ruins which the druid said were the abode of the Forest Troll. Arriving at the site, they encounter several orcs, and ambush them. A battle ensues, and most of the orcs are dispatched, along with their Ogre reinforcements. Spotting the orcs and Orgres coming from the basement levels of a ruined tower, the party heads down below. They fight through a group of orcs, then a group of Ogres, eventually making their way into what was once an old jail. Once there, they spot several animals inside cages. Attacking the animals, which included a Dire Wolf, Owlbear, and Dire Bear, they realize they are illusions. Ignoring the cages, they proceed inward. Once the party is inside, hidden gears are activated and a gate behind them crashes shut, they are trapped. A voice, easily recognized as that of Izjak, speaks up. He is not surprised that they made it this far; he is surprised that they fell for such an easy trap, however. At this point the sound of more gears is heard, and the real cages move up from the floor.

The real Dire Wolf, Chomps, and the Owlbear, Hoot, are released upon the party. Unfortunately for the animals, the party is able to deal with them fairly easily. The quick release of Cub, the Dire Bear, causes only slightly more concern. It is at this point that the Troll, Izjak, makes his presence known. He briefly engages the party, poisoning the Scout with a javelin, before retreating from the battle briefly to regenerate his wounds. The party kills the animals shortly after, and tries to find a way to get to the Troll. Before they can get any further, however, the Troll reveals his big surprise, a Feymire Crocodile named Toothy Grin, so named by the Troll because he is “all smile”. Toothy Grin then reveals that great smile when he does his best to eat several members of the party. The Paladin and fighter try to slay the beast, who makes matters more difficult thanks to its magical aura which slows nearby foes. Meanwhile, Izjak reappears and fights the party once again. Eventually, the fierce battle ends with the crocodile and troll dead, and the party triumphant. The party loots the troll’s lair, then heads back to the surface.

The Hand of the Storm King
The Party works to defeat the Storm King's Agents

The Party at just defeated a plant like creature near the village of Bristar when they received a surprise visit by a Druid, who had been in the shape of a giant bird. The Druid explained to the party that the plant that they had just destroyed was part of a much greater threat to the forest, one that he had sworn an oath to fight. Unfortunately, a new threat was rising to the South: The Storm King. The Druid was worried that the Storm King’s threat would imperil his efforts to contain the evil that was the dead God Moander, whose essence was imprisoned in the forest of Cormanthor in a place called Darkwatch. He was far too busy dealing with the threat of the God of Corruption to deal with the Storm King himself, and was determined to see if the Party would fight the Storm King in his stead. The Druid promised it would be a dangerous battle, one that may cost them all their lives, but it was necessary for the safety of Deepingdale, if not all of the Dales.

After much thought, the party agreed to his request, and he gave them a final test before explaining the situation fully to them. The party must destroy the Young Red Dragon Blaze-wing, who made his lair in the mountains south-west of Highmoon. The Druid was worried that Blaze-wing could pose a dangerous distraction when the Storm King made his move, and wanted to remove that threat before it could manifest itself. He was also concerned that Blaze-wing might be recruited, or forced to serve the Storm King, as he wasn’t quite powerful enough to resist such an effort, unlike his sister Thraxata. The Party agreed to the task, and prepared themselves for a terrible battle. Before they returned home, the Druid helped Assaria find a familiar in a Tressym, a small winged cat. Returning the Highmoon, they gathered supplies and created magic items necessary for the battle ahead. Once ready, they proceeded to Blaze-wing’s lair, where they battled kobolds, whom he had pressed into service, outside the entrance. Making their way inward, they fought more Kobolds, and eventually Blaze-wing himself. After an epic battle, with Blaze-wing setting fire to much of the room (including several kobolds), the party eventually brought him down thanks to a combination of powerful ice magic, courtesy of Assaria, and the martial efforts of the party’s other members. They looted his hoard, took his body as a trophy and made their way back to Highmoon.

Once returned to their Tower, the party made the necessary arrangements to receive their reward for killing the dragon, and then received further instructions from the Druid. He explained that there were five principle figures who guided the efforts of the Storm King outside of his black keep in the Thunderpeak Mountains. They included:

An Ogre, who acted as chief enforcer for the Storm King. He maintained discipline among his army, and was much feared by the orcs and others, and respected by the other Ogres. This death would remove the greatest barrier to in-fighting among the Storm King’s forces, hopefully dividing their army prior to the Storm King’s attack on Deepingdale.

An Orc Barbarian, who acted as the chief instructor and drill master for the Storm King’s Army. This Elder Orc was of a great age, yet had never been defeated in battle. He trained the Storm King’s forces, and lent his formidable skill to a new generation of Orc warriors. His death would lesson the eventual skill of the Orc army, as well as remove a potent champion from the field.

An Orc Wizard, also named the Mystic, who acted as chief lieutenant of the Storm King’s arcane spellcasters. Orc Wizard’s are rare, and one’s as powerful as he are even rarer. He instructed other Orcs in the Art of Wizardry, and oversaw the production of magical weapons for the Storm King’s army. His death would hurt the production of magical arms and armor for the Storm King, as well as reduce the eventual effectiveness of the Storm King’s spellcasters when the Storm King finally attacked.

An Ogre Mage, Brullimaxx, who acted as something of a chief lieutenant for the Storm King. Brull acted as the Storm King’s special adviser, taking care of tasks the Storm King would trust no one else with. He was also suspected of being the eventual High General of the Storm King’s Army when the war arrived. The death of Brull would deprive the Storm King of one of his most capable agents, and foil plans that they might not know of yet. It would hopefully force the Storm King to delay his attack until he could find a new general for his armies.

Lastly, a forest troll, who acted as chief scout and spy for the Storm King. Camped in ancient elven ruins in Cormanthor, he was charged with keeping an eye on the forces of Deepingdale, looking for weaknesses that could be exploited. While the Storm King could scry on individual people, this scout could reveal a greater picture that would serve the Storm King when the war finally came. He was assisted and protected by a small force of Orcs and Ogres, as well as several of his forest troll kin, who aided him in his scouting efforts. His death would help blind the Storm King, cutting him off from vital intelligence that he could use when he unleashed his forces upon Deepingdale. Again, the hope was that the Storm King would delay his attack while he found a replacement, hopefully a long enough delay to buy time for Deepingdale to adequately prepare.

The party, after examining what they knew about where the Storm King’s forces were at the moment, decided to kill the Enforcer first, as he was the closest geographically. Then they would kill the Scout, who had encamped in ruins near Bristar.

The Edge of Winter
A Recap of the Party's actions

It has been nearly two weeks since the party arrived in Deepingdale. Much has occurred since then.

The party went with Lord Theremen Ulath to help fight off an Orc and Ogre raiding party that was threatening the small village of Halpan’s Hill. A battle ensued, in which over 150 Orcs and a dozen Ogres were killed. The party was charged with the task of securing the center of the village, to ensure that the main force, holed up on the hill that gave the village its name, would not be cut off. They were warned that a force of several dozen orcs, with several ogres, was heading their way, most likely as a diversion. Unfortunately, it was no diversion. Rather, the party faced off against the best the Orcs had to offer. Fortunately for them, the party’s prowess, along with the aid of Elven archers who managed to split the orc force up, enabled them to defeat the Orc raiders. The town was saved. Having gained considerable esteem in the Dale for their actions, the party returned to the town of Highmoon.

Once they had returned, the party received the assistance of a skilled architect, who was on retainer for Lord Ulath. Ulath had him help the party in thanks for the valiant efforts earlier. The architect aided the party with their efforts to renovate Haptooth Tower, helped them establish what the final layout would be, and what resources they would need to finish the reconstruction.

Their efforts in battle had gained them the notice of individuals and organizations in need, and three different prospective employers approached them with job offers.

The first was by a Lumber Company to investigate what happened to an expedition of theirs into the forest of Cormanthor.

The second was by a Mining Company to find and kill a Stone Giant, and his troll minions, who were terrorizing a quarry to the south of Highmoon.

The third was to investigate a hidden cellar beneath one of the town’s inn, where several workers were killed shortly after they discovered it while expanding the basement.

The party eventually decided to investigate the cellar. There, they fought and defeated an Animated Guardian Statue, which was responsible for the death of the workers. Then the party explored further on. They discovered several different traps, safely dealing with most of them. In one large chamber they found a giant stone statue of a five-headed hydra. The room was a puzzle, which they managed to solve thanks to some clever thinking by the party’s elves. Past that they eventually discovered two large store-rooms. Inside one room was valuable trade goods, though some of them had gone bad. Inside the other room was several treasure chests, full of silver, gold, and platinum coins, as well as gold and silver trade bars.

The party takes away their hard earned plunder, and fill the innkeeper in on most of the deals. He informs them that they can keep what they found as payment, and he will use this newly discovered area as a storage area he will rent out.

The party then decided to go fight the Stone Giant and his troll allies. They headed south to the quarry, where they were filled in with basic details on the Giants. Once they get their bearings, they head west, into the mountains. After a days worth of travel, the party must leave their horses and mules behind, as the terrain is becoming difficult for them and there is no trail. Just as they think they are getting to where the Trolls and Giant should be, they run into a different foe. The Party is ambushed by an Orc Raiding party. A fierce battle begins, ending later with all but two of the Orcs dead, and the rest safely looted. Some quick actions by Assaria, as well as Darathian and Tabla, ensure that most of the orcs fail to escape. Two Orc archers do manage to get away, however, largely because they began their attack from high ground.

Resting in a nearby cave, the party then follows some tracks found earlier by the Scout, and discover another cave, which seems to be the source of the tracks. Inside the party battles three trolls, first one and then later two. This leads them eventually to the Stone Giant, who proves a dangerous foe. After battering several party members with rocks and his club, he is eventually brought down thanks to sword and sorcery. The party takes his club as a trophy, and also recover a strange magical stone which emanates faint auras of divination and abjuration magic.

They make their way back to the quarry, and receive their award. Afterwards, they return to Highmoon and their tower. As they resupply and recover, they decide to make their way to the elven village of Bristar. They heard word that a skilled leatherworker was to be found there, one who could make alterations to some armor they had found so that the rogue could use it. Also, it was supposedly close to a population of Treeym that Assaria hoped would be a source of a familiar for her.

They safely make their way to Bristar, where, after meeting up with local militia, they find their leatherworker. He offers to buy the armor and instead enchant the armor the rogue is already wearing, mentioning it would be cheaper and easier for all involved. The party agrees, and makes camp elsewhere. A night of searching for a Tressym fails to find a winged cat for Assaria. The next day, in the afternoon they return to the leather worker’s hut, where they realize something is wrong. The door is smashed in, and natural noises have ceased. As they approach the hut, the party realizes that a strange noise can be heard, almost like a slithering noise. It reveals itself to be a large plant like creature, a shambling mound! A battle ensues, with the creature proving resistant to fire, and in fact emitting a poisonous black smoke when set ablaze. Electricity is even worse, as it seems to make the creature stronger. Frost damage proves effective, however, and the creature is eventually slashed to pieces. A search inside the house discovers the remains of the leatherworker, fortunately the armor is still intact.

Just as the party comes to grips with what has happened, they hear a large flapping sound. A huge bird lands not far from the hut, and transforms into an elven figure, a druid…

The Tower That Traveled

The party, upon arriving in the village of Hap, descended once again into the tunnels beneath Haptooth Hill. Carefully, they made their way to the Portal Room in the deepest level of the tunnels. However, as they approached the room, they found the way trapped at several points. After setting off, but avoiding harm, from several traps, they made their way into the Portal chamber. Once there they were ambushed by a Invisible Zombie Dragon, which proceeded to grievously harm several of the party members. Several times during the fight, they heard another voice, presumably humanoid. Nakor the Beguiler used magic to see Invisible creatures, and was rewarded by noticing an armored figure hiding near the middle of the room. The figure had realized what spell was cast, however, and used a Sound Burst on the party. He was quickly targeted by the party, and came under a furious attack. He used various spells to defend himself, but was unable to aid the zombie dragon before Eric the Fighter carved it into fleshy bits. The evil Cleric was soon subdued. He had apparently used an Undetectable Alignment Spell on both himself and the zombie to hide from Detect Evil spells.

After the party had secured the room, looted the treasure to be had, and secured their prisoner, and then they started interrogating him. What they found was that he was an Cleric of Cyric, evil God of Murder. The cleric had come to Hap to investigate Haptooth Hill, and try and discover if anything remained of the previous owner of the Tower, Dracandros. He found that there was nothing of value there, save the portal and the ward keeping it inactive. The party arrived only a few days after he had. Once this was done, the party tried to decide on what to do with him. It was decided that he would be given the opportunity to repent of his sins, and turn away from evil. He refused, saying that Cyric would be their doom. The Paladin then dispatched the cleric, granting him more time to spend with his god.

After this was done the Party decided that they should deactivate the ward keeping the portal closed, to see if they could use it to go to Deepingdale. After Assaria removed the ward, she discovered that the Portal couldn’t be used for their purposes; it was keyed to switch to random destinations every 1/2 minute or so, and was next to impossible to control. They remember that the Red Wizard Vesgerin, whom they had met in that room many months ago, had the same problem. After carefully re-examining the notes from the journal of Dracandros, Assaria realizes that while the Portal Manipulator can be used to alter a portal’s destination to one desired, that was not its primary purpose. Rather, it was to connect a portal to another device somewhere within Haptooth Tower, in order to power that device and move the entire Tower. After a careful search that lasted hours, the party eventually found a hidden chamber below the fourth level, which contained a device similar to the portal manipulator. Assaria, using the notes and the Portal Manipulator, powers up the device and determines how it can be activated to move the Tower. She then locates a suitable destination point in Deepingdale to move the Tower.

The party, rather than go to Deepingdale right away, decided to fix up the tower and make it livable. They hired some help from the nearby village to clean it up, and hired several guards (essentially young lads getting on the job training from the Fighter and Paladin), along with a cook and maid. Once the Tower was reasonably clean, they had hired a basic staff, and purchased general provisions, the party informed the village council the Tower was going elsewhere, and then proceeded to activate the device. Fortunately for all, Assaria was up to the task, and after a brief sojourn through the Astral Plane, the party, tower and staff found themselves in Deepingdale.

Once in Deepingdale, they made their way to the nearby town of Highmoon, where they introduced themselves to Theremen Ulath, Lord of Deepingdale. He invited them to dinner later that evening, obviously intrigued by their means of arrival. Upon finishing up their introductions, the party set out to try and purchase furnishings in tower to outfit their Tower and try and make it more habitable, much less comfortable. That evening they returned to town to join Lord Ulath for dinner, where they engaged in small talk. They were introduced to some of the town’s more prominent citizens, and were grilled on what they were up to. Dinner was interrupted, however, by word that skirmishing parties of Orcs were attacking, or going to attack, several small villages in the Western party of the Dale. Lord Ulath invited them to join his men as they set out to relief the villages under attack.

Not Your Average Tavern Brawl
The party survives an assassination and kidnapping attempt in Essembra

The party had finished licking its wounds from its previous fight in the forests of Battledale, and tried its hand at interrogating prisoners. After checking with their four prisoners, who turned out to be mercenaries, they established the following facts:

1) They were recruited in Scardale Town.
2) They were recruited by a dangerous looking chap wearing spiked full plate and carrying a greatsword.
3) They were well payed for their efforts.
4) Their employer never gave a name, but his accent was Cormyian.
5) Their employer was after something that he believed the party possessed.
6) They were tasked with killing or neutralizing the party, then letting their employer find whatever he was out for. The mercenaries could split the rest.
7) Their employer worked with a human wizard or sorcerer.
8) This arcanist gave no name, but his accent seemed to indicate he was from the Moonsea.
9) They were promised magical help in the fight, but none showed up.
10) They were given a very general description of the party, mostly relating to numbers, gender and race.

Once the interrogations were done with, the party decided to drop these mercs off at the Abbey of the Just Hammer, to the south, near Tasseledale. This would be done after they visited Essembra.

The party arrived in Essembra, and managed to convince Lord Ilmeth to host their prisoners until they left town. Then they went on a buying spree, selling gear from their latest battle, and buying some basic supplies, as well as a Handy Haversack. Once done, they retired to the Inn. The party meet for breakfast to decide what to do next, when they were ambushed in the Inn’s tavern/dining hall. A number of rogues, plus an assassin, attacked the party. Most of their efforts were unsuccessful, but the Assassin managed to knock Brianna unconscious. He tried to use a scroll, but Eric slew him before he could manage to activate it. Good thing too, as it was a scroll of Teleport. Fortunately, one of their assailants was knocked out, and they took him to Ilmeth’s prison. Thanks to the chicanery of Nakor, and the healing skills of Brianna, they managed to convince him to relinquish a considerable amount of information, after someone tried to kill him and Nakor. The poisoner was not located, unfortunately.

The party learned that the assassin had hired these individuals to attack them, and that they were to distract the party until the assassin had carried out his plan. Then they were to scatter. Naturally, they were paid in advance.

Upon learning all of this, the party headed to the Abbey of the Sword, where Brianna reported in. They then ventured south to the Abbey of the Just Hammer, where their previous prisoners were turned in. Then they went to Hap. Arriving in Hap, they learned that not much had happened there since the Party left months ago. Several adventuring groups had gone into the Tunnels beneath the Tower, and some had not returned. Nothing new had been reported there for weeks now. The party then decided to go down the Tunnels one more time to the Portal Chamber…

Onward to Deepingdale!
The party leaves for Deepingdale to help battle the forces of the Storm King

The Party has completed their incredible task inside the Temple of the Keepers. All foes were defeated or driven off, a dragon and her city was liberated, and they have reported their findings back to the Council of Mistledale. After making their reports, the party sold much of the loot that they had acquired along the way, and purchased a number of supplies to carry them forward, including a wagon driven by two horses, one of them recently purchased.

While several members of the party, namely Brianna and Nakor, hoped to purchase magical items to help out either themselves or the party, they found that they would have to go elsewhere. Mistledale’s small population and limited arcane talents meant that magical items were few and far between.

The party then learned that Deepingdale, far to the south, had put out a request for help. It was being menaced by the orc and ogre armies of someone calling himself “The Storm King.” After careful thought, they decided that Deepingdale was in greater need of help than Harrowdale, to the West. Harrowdale was closer, but its requests for help seemed less urgent. After deciding to head south, the party examined the possible paths they would take. Three presented themselves, each with advantages and disadvantages, relating to time taken, the danger of the route, and what conditions the road would be in, if a road even existed. However, just as they had decided to take what they dubbed the “middle road” through Battledale, they remembered that another means of transport was available to them: the Portal Manipulator. Considering both its possible danger, and the time it might save, they decided that they would head to Essembra first, then stop by the Abbey of the Sword so that Brianna might report in, and then head to the village of Hap and discover whether or not they could take a magical shortcut.

The party had traveled into the forest of Comanthor, and turned south past the Standing Stone when they were ambushed by a large group of armed and armored individuals. Numbering 20 in number, they were individually no match for the members of the party in combat prowess, much less magical strength. The party soundly defeated their attackers, taking several prisoner in the process. It remains to be seen who they are, and what they want.

The Key Reforged
The Party Clears the Temple of the Keepers

The Party has finished its latest quest: The exploration of the Temple of the Keepers. In the process of exploring this ancient Eladrin fortress they discovered the true nature of the Temple, what had befallen it, and what they must do in order to aid the forces of Good.

The latest session began with the party leaving the Hall of the Planes-walkers, and exploring the so called “Maze of Portals.” After repairing a magical device, they found the magic store-room which contained the Elemental Gem Stone of Air, a diamond. They also found a few magical items which had not been removed in the evacuation. The party then explored further, looking for a hidden store-room. In their exploration, they came across a crafting area leading to the store-room. The room was damaged sometime in the past, but the danger present lay in the fact that it was inhabited by a Minotaur, one which exhibited both barbaric and unnatural tendencies, probably due to the fey power it was being slowly warped with thanks to the Shard of the Key it carried. During the fierce battle with the creature, it managed to kill the Party’s fighter, Erik, before being overcome by Assaria’s magic. The party did their best to cope with the death of their friend and companion, and finished up their exploration of the maze by searching and emptying out the nearby store-room.

Before they could do anything else, the voice of the Gold Dragon Astragallizras spoke to them through the amulets that he gave to them earlier. He instructed them to return to the Dragon City as quickly as possible, as soon as they restored the Key. Upon hearing of the death of their party’s fighter, they were informed that it would be addressed… The party then returned to the main chamber, where they placed the shards on the central dais, and then thanks to the actions of Brianna, they re-assembled the Key. Once this was done they went to the nearest portal, activated the Manipulator, and returned to the City of the Dragons. Once there, they were given some final instructions, and Erik was resurrected by Astragallizras, who was the High Priest of Bahamut, after all. They then returned to the Temple to collect the last three Elemental Gem Stones to free Indramarrii, his daughter.

It didn’t take the party long to locate and access the remaining safe-rooms for the Gem Stones. The Artifactorum was first on the list of places they re-visited; and they used the Key to open the door to the work-room of the Artificer-General, where they recovered the Ruby of Fire, along with some armor, a shield and some magical crafting equipment and notes and journals. Then they ventured to the religious quarter, where they located the Sapphire of Water, located in a secret chamber they had missed their first trip through. Lastly, they returned to the Archivuum, and opened the door to the Chief Archivist’s study, where they found the Emerald of Earth, along with a magical device they seemed to have information on the Temple and much else, besides. With all four Elemental Gem Stones, the party returned to the Central Chamber, where they placed the Gems on their respective Daises. Brianna started the process of releasing the prisoners held in stasis beneath the main chamber.

First released was Sark, Cleric of Bahamut, whom the party had met weeks before when battling the forces of the Cult of the Dragon. He was quite surprised to be there, and asked where his friends were. The party had no clue, and he was quite ready to go looking for them when Astragallizras spoke through an amulet and told him to leave for the surface. He did so, and the party prepared to release the second prisoner. It seemed that the prisoners were released in the reverse order they were imprisoned; those captured the most recently were those released first. The second cage was opened by the party, to reveal… Laraxysis, the Green Dragon whom the party had encountered several times. She was rather upset at being imprisoned, and was even more upset to realize that the party, whom she recognized, had freed her. Right before she flew away, she informed them because they had freed her from the Eladrin prison, she wouldn’t kill them (and eat the elves) this time, but not to think she owed them any further favors. Then she took off. The party then opened the third cage, to release a young Black Dragon, which proceeded to attack the party, but was soundly defeated. Lastly, they opened the last cage, and finally released Indramarrii, who managed to be calmed down by the presence of their amulets before she destroyed them. They then returned to the Lost City of the Dragons.

Once they arrived, they quickly made their way to the Cathedral of Xymor, also known as Bahamut. Once there Astragallizras revealed that he had died long ago, but had used powerful magic to keep his spirit connected to the City in order to carry out his mission. At this point the situation changed dramatically when Bahamut himself appeared in the Cathedral, taking up much of the space. He declared that Astragallizras would be well rewarded for his service and loyalty, and as he said this the ghost like figure of the Gold Dragon seemed to shimmer and ascend to the heavens. Bahamut then turned to the party and thanked them for all they had done. He explained that it had been many millenia since he was last in this place, but thanks to them the barrier separating the Feywild and the Material Plane was now lifted. This act meant the city could return to the Material Plane, where it could help rally the forces of good Dragons against Tiamat and her followers, who planned to resume the war that had waged between the two since the beginning of Time. Bahamut then offered to take the party to a destination of their choosing and drop them off there; the party chose to return to the town of Ashabenford in Mistledale. They used a gateway to enter the town just steps away from the White Hart Inn; their arrival was not noticed thanks to the presence of the city floating in the sky above the town.

This brings this part of their adventure to a close.

A Well Crafted Adventure
The Party clears out the crafting quarters

The party, after defeating some of the Deep Dwarves and rescuing friendlies, decided to clear the rest of the crafting quarters. This lead to three more battles with the Duergar. One, inside a forging area, ended quickly, but not before the Duergar sounded the alarm. The other two groups both put up spirited fights, but were quickly and soundly defeated. On the body of the Duergar leader, they found another shard of the Key. In the same room, they found a chest, which they safely looted, and discovered a door, which they found to be quite impenetrable. An evil cleric of Ladageur was taken prisoner during the fight, and was interrogated by the party. He revealed that they had defeated the remaining Deep Dwarves in the Temple of the Keepers. The party then considered where to head next: Either the Mage Quarters, or perhaps this portal area their map mentioned…

Dwarves- Good and Bad
The Party works to clear out Duergar from the Temple of the Keepers

The Party has returned to the Temple of the Keepers, and after quickly searching the religious area, decide to move onward to the Crafting Area. However, they interrogate their prisoners first. They don’t learn much from the kobold, but figure out that they have likely defeated most of them and the remaining kobolds have nothing of value. The Sharran guard proves somewhat recalcitrant, but a Charm spell by the Beguiler solves their problems. Once that was accomplished, he provided some further details:

1) The party has apparently killed all of the surviving Sharran followers in the Temple of the Keepers.
2) There are at least 2, and maybe three more shards of the Key left.
3) The Sharrans were trying to hold out for help, but that will take at least 4 more days to arrive, probably longer.
4) The Sharrans had no idea what it was they were messing with.

Once he was knocked out again and tied up for later transport to the authorities in the Dale, they went to the “Crafting Area.” The party was quickly embroiled in several fights with Duergar, and managed to defeat three separate groups of them. In the process they found an entrance to the Underdark and rescued a group of Shield Dwarf Adventurers. The group, the Heirs of Thethymar, has been forced to hide in a reinforced storeroom thanks to the Duergar. In the process of this one of their members has been separated from them, and they went off to find him. The party cleared a large corridor area, and that is where we left for the evening.


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