The Edge of Winter

A Recap of the Party's actions

It has been nearly two weeks since the party arrived in Deepingdale. Much has occurred since then.

The party went with Lord Theremen Ulath to help fight off an Orc and Ogre raiding party that was threatening the small village of Halpan’s Hill. A battle ensued, in which over 150 Orcs and a dozen Ogres were killed. The party was charged with the task of securing the center of the village, to ensure that the main force, holed up on the hill that gave the village its name, would not be cut off. They were warned that a force of several dozen orcs, with several ogres, was heading their way, most likely as a diversion. Unfortunately, it was no diversion. Rather, the party faced off against the best the Orcs had to offer. Fortunately for them, the party’s prowess, along with the aid of Elven archers who managed to split the orc force up, enabled them to defeat the Orc raiders. The town was saved. Having gained considerable esteem in the Dale for their actions, the party returned to the town of Highmoon.

Once they had returned, the party received the assistance of a skilled architect, who was on retainer for Lord Ulath. Ulath had him help the party in thanks for the valiant efforts earlier. The architect aided the party with their efforts to renovate Haptooth Tower, helped them establish what the final layout would be, and what resources they would need to finish the reconstruction.

Their efforts in battle had gained them the notice of individuals and organizations in need, and three different prospective employers approached them with job offers.

The first was by a Lumber Company to investigate what happened to an expedition of theirs into the forest of Cormanthor.

The second was by a Mining Company to find and kill a Stone Giant, and his troll minions, who were terrorizing a quarry to the south of Highmoon.

The third was to investigate a hidden cellar beneath one of the town’s inn, where several workers were killed shortly after they discovered it while expanding the basement.

The party eventually decided to investigate the cellar. There, they fought and defeated an Animated Guardian Statue, which was responsible for the death of the workers. Then the party explored further on. They discovered several different traps, safely dealing with most of them. In one large chamber they found a giant stone statue of a five-headed hydra. The room was a puzzle, which they managed to solve thanks to some clever thinking by the party’s elves. Past that they eventually discovered two large store-rooms. Inside one room was valuable trade goods, though some of them had gone bad. Inside the other room was several treasure chests, full of silver, gold, and platinum coins, as well as gold and silver trade bars.

The party takes away their hard earned plunder, and fill the innkeeper in on most of the deals. He informs them that they can keep what they found as payment, and he will use this newly discovered area as a storage area he will rent out.

The party then decided to go fight the Stone Giant and his troll allies. They headed south to the quarry, where they were filled in with basic details on the Giants. Once they get their bearings, they head west, into the mountains. After a days worth of travel, the party must leave their horses and mules behind, as the terrain is becoming difficult for them and there is no trail. Just as they think they are getting to where the Trolls and Giant should be, they run into a different foe. The Party is ambushed by an Orc Raiding party. A fierce battle begins, ending later with all but two of the Orcs dead, and the rest safely looted. Some quick actions by Assaria, as well as Darathian and Tabla, ensure that most of the orcs fail to escape. Two Orc archers do manage to get away, however, largely because they began their attack from high ground.

Resting in a nearby cave, the party then follows some tracks found earlier by the Scout, and discover another cave, which seems to be the source of the tracks. Inside the party battles three trolls, first one and then later two. This leads them eventually to the Stone Giant, who proves a dangerous foe. After battering several party members with rocks and his club, he is eventually brought down thanks to sword and sorcery. The party takes his club as a trophy, and also recover a strange magical stone which emanates faint auras of divination and abjuration magic.

They make their way back to the quarry, and receive their award. Afterwards, they return to Highmoon and their tower. As they resupply and recover, they decide to make their way to the elven village of Bristar. They heard word that a skilled leatherworker was to be found there, one who could make alterations to some armor they had found so that the rogue could use it. Also, it was supposedly close to a population of Treeym that Assaria hoped would be a source of a familiar for her.

They safely make their way to Bristar, where, after meeting up with local militia, they find their leatherworker. He offers to buy the armor and instead enchant the armor the rogue is already wearing, mentioning it would be cheaper and easier for all involved. The party agrees, and makes camp elsewhere. A night of searching for a Tressym fails to find a winged cat for Assaria. The next day, in the afternoon they return to the leather worker’s hut, where they realize something is wrong. The door is smashed in, and natural noises have ceased. As they approach the hut, the party realizes that a strange noise can be heard, almost like a slithering noise. It reveals itself to be a large plant like creature, a shambling mound! A battle ensues, with the creature proving resistant to fire, and in fact emitting a poisonous black smoke when set ablaze. Electricity is even worse, as it seems to make the creature stronger. Frost damage proves effective, however, and the creature is eventually slashed to pieces. A search inside the house discovers the remains of the leatherworker, fortunately the armor is still intact.

Just as the party comes to grips with what has happened, they hear a large flapping sound. A huge bird lands not far from the hut, and transforms into an elven figure, a druid…



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