Two Fingers Down

The Storm King loses two key lieutenants

The Party, having elected to go after Udarg the Enforcer, made their way into the hills south of Deepingdale. Encountering a patrol of orcs, they ambushed them, then tracked them back to a camp. At the camp they spotted an impressive looking Ogre disciplining Orc troops. Believing, correctly, that this was their foe, they devised a plan to defeat the much larger force, which consisted of Udarg, two Ogre bodyguards of his, and almost a dozen orcs at the camp. Some careful planning later, they attacked, opening up with a fireball from Assaria that considerably thinned the enemy numbers. Left to fight only a pair or archers on patrol, along with the Orc sergeant and Udarg, the party quickly made short work of them. Collecting proof of their deed to collect bounties, they proceeded to the forest of Cormanthor, to go after Izjak.

The party headed north, eventually making their way to the abandoned elven ruins which the druid said were the abode of the Forest Troll. Arriving at the site, they encounter several orcs, and ambush them. A battle ensues, and most of the orcs are dispatched, along with their Ogre reinforcements. Spotting the orcs and Orgres coming from the basement levels of a ruined tower, the party heads down below. They fight through a group of orcs, then a group of Ogres, eventually making their way into what was once an old jail. Once there, they spot several animals inside cages. Attacking the animals, which included a Dire Wolf, Owlbear, and Dire Bear, they realize they are illusions. Ignoring the cages, they proceed inward. Once the party is inside, hidden gears are activated and a gate behind them crashes shut, they are trapped. A voice, easily recognized as that of Izjak, speaks up. He is not surprised that they made it this far; he is surprised that they fell for such an easy trap, however. At this point the sound of more gears is heard, and the real cages move up from the floor.

The real Dire Wolf, Chomps, and the Owlbear, Hoot, are released upon the party. Unfortunately for the animals, the party is able to deal with them fairly easily. The quick release of Cub, the Dire Bear, causes only slightly more concern. It is at this point that the Troll, Izjak, makes his presence known. He briefly engages the party, poisoning the Scout with a javelin, before retreating from the battle briefly to regenerate his wounds. The party kills the animals shortly after, and tries to find a way to get to the Troll. Before they can get any further, however, the Troll reveals his big surprise, a Feymire Crocodile named Toothy Grin, so named by the Troll because he is “all smile”. Toothy Grin then reveals that great smile when he does his best to eat several members of the party. The Paladin and fighter try to slay the beast, who makes matters more difficult thanks to its magical aura which slows nearby foes. Meanwhile, Izjak reappears and fights the party once again. Eventually, the fierce battle ends with the crocodile and troll dead, and the party triumphant. The party loots the troll’s lair, then heads back to the surface.



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