While we're at it...

The party explores the ancient elven ruins

After defeating the Troll Scout and his minions, the party decides to explore the ancient elven ruins in the hopes of discovering something of valuable. Three possible locations present themselves: the bottom of a nearby well, a small building with stairs leading down, and a hidden door underneath an ancient statue.

The party explores the well first, finding and fighting a pair of cloakers lurking down there. Some careful searching yields a few valuables on the bodies of those who had ventured into the well in the past, and not survived.

They then opened the secret door underneath the statue. Going down the stairs revealed, they found themselves in what turned out to be an old elven tomb dedicated to an elven hero of old. Exploring further, they made their way past a fairly large pit, and into a large chamber that was still in excellent condition. Looking about, they triggered a trap of sorts, which revealed two large Iron Guardians, set to protect the tomb from thieves. The party fought one of them, and used a control crystal to control the other guardian to fight against its brother. Emerging victorious, they then paid their respects to the elven hero, who’s spirit appeared and thanked them for showing respect after all these years. Leaving several objects of value as offerings, they received as a reward a Wyrmslayer Blade, an ancient elven weapon crafted for the purpose of fighting and killing dragons. As they left, the spirit asked a favor of them: to sanctify a nearby Mausoleum, which had been defiled several centuries ago. The party agreed to the task, and went their next.

In the Mausoleum they fought numerous undead. The first chamber contained a number of skeleton, equipped for melee and ranged combat, along with several Direguards. The skeletons, upon being destroyed, would shortly after rise anew from several piles of bones scattered about in the room, aided by an unholy basin filled with blood. At first believing that the destruction of the Direguards would be sufficient, the party eventually realized that destroying the basin was the only way to stop the flow of the undead. A vial of holy water and a blast of positive energy was enough to destabilize it, and once it was destroyed the remain skeletons were stripped of their unlife, and crumbled to the ground. The second chamber contained only four undead, although all were more powerful than the skeletons that preceded them. A ghast, wight, vampire spawn and mummy all opposed the party, who managed to destroy them fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the beguiler and rogue all were infected with disease during the fight, and it took time to remove the the infections. Once this was achieved, the party took the time, a full day and more, to cleanse the site of numerous unhallow spells that had been cast in the past by a foul cleric of Bane. This same cleric had been the one responsible for desecrating this place long before, though he paid the price for his villainy.

Returning the spirit of the elven hero, they received their reward. The party then elected to return to the town of Highmoon to recover and rest.



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